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California EBT Client Website

Welcome to the California Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Client Website

This website is a resource for California EBT cardholders to check individual account balances, view transaction history detail, check claim status, and locate retailers and automated teller machines (ATMs) that accept the EBT card. The Golden State Advantage card is California's EBT card. It is similar to a bank debit card that provides a way for you to spend your food and/or cash benefits when your monthly benefits are deposited into your EBT account. You can use your EBT card at any store or ATM that displays the Quest® mark in California and throughout the United States.

You must have a User ID and password to log into your account.

Cardholders are required to have a User ID and password to view their:

  • Account Balance
  • Transaction History
  • Claim Status

  • To establish or change a User ID and password for this site, click here.

    If you do not remember your password or have replaced your card, click here.

    Card Number

    Buying, selling, or otherwise misusing SNAP benefits, known as CalFresh benefits in California, is a federal crime. To report suspected abuse, visit or call (800) 424-9121.


    • Do not sell, trade, or give away your food benefits, EBT card, or personal identification number (PIN).
    • Do not allow a retailer to buy your food benefits in exchange for cash.
    • Do not let someone else use your food benefits or EBT card.

    People who do not follow the rules for the CalFresh Program, formerly known as Food Stamps and federally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), may be disqualified from the program, fined, put in prison, or all three, and may be required to pay back any misused food benefits.